Women! Beware of THESE warning signs that can appear a month before a heart attack

by gulftimes

While a heart attack does not discriminate between genders, according to the American Heart Association, heart attacks in women may showcase a different range of symptoms than those in men.

While chest pain and pressure is one the first signs that can occur in both men and women, the latter are more likely to report other symptoms including nausea, sweating, vomiting, pain in the neck, jaw, throat, abdomen or back or can also fall unconscious.

Men are more likely to develop shortness of breath, jaw and shoulder pain, nausea among others.

Another reason why men and women experience different symptoms is because while men are more likely to suffer a build-up of plaque in their large arteries that supply blood to the heart, women tend to be more prone to a buildup in the heart’s smaller arteries. This therefore changes the course of symptoms in men vs. women.

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