Challenges in front of Indian democracy

by gulftimes

This may be seen as the democratic rights of the legislators, but it seems that the BJP wants to wave its politics in all the states along with the centre.

In 2019 also, 10 Congress MLAs were broken by the BJP and turned to their side. Now in Goa Legislative Assembly, there are 28 MLAs in favour of the BJP in 40 seats.

Such switching of Congress MLAs to BJP is a betrayal of voters, who sent them to the House on Congress ticket. BJP has started such a tradition by breaking the MLAs in the states like Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra etc. Instead of such kind of antics, BJP should try to solve the problems related to the people.

It may be asked whether Congress MLAs have left their party and joined BJP without any greed. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has accused the BJP of implementing ‘Action Lotus’ to topple his government. A similar allegation has been levelled against the BJP for toppling the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab.

Obviously, either join hands with the BJP or else the BJP will not allow its rivals to rest in peace. Till yesterday, when BJP and JD(U) were running the government in Bihar together with Nitish Kumar, everything was fine, but as soon as Nitish Kumar felt that the BJP formed its own puppet government by breaking the Shiv Sena MLAs, the same game was played in Bihar. If she can play, she left the BJP and formed the government with RJD. Soon after parting ways, the BJP started criticizing the Nitish Kumar-led government in different ways.

The same game is being played with the Mamata Banerjee government of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. All this is not proper for a healthy democracy. For the success of democracy, it is very important to have a strong ruling party and a strong opposition to stop its dictatorial attitude. But the BJP does not like to see its rivals.

Perhaps that is why the allegations of harassing the opposition parties through CBI, Income Tax or Enforcement Directorate have started coming in fast. Are leaders of different parties joining BJP out of this fear?

If this happens, then only one party will remain in Indian democracy and the name of the rest of the parties will end. Will it be a democracy then? The solution to all this lies in the opposition forgetting their differences and coming together!

After the Galvan Valley incident in June 2020, the manner in which China has been adopting an aggressive attitude for a long time and advocating for normalization of relations by keeping the border dispute was nothing but its tactic.

Since there is always a difference in the words and actions of China and it keeps changing and defining bilateral relations arbitrarily, India will have to ensure that the situation before May 2020 along the Line of Actual Control with China is restored.

There is a need for China to be vigilant and remain vigilant on the borders till it comes forward to resolve the border dispute.

India cannot ignore that even after more than two decades of talks to resolve the border dispute, the outcome is three-fold. Until the border dispute is resolved, India should refuse to express its commitment to the ‘One China Policy’.

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